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To places where radio is listened, how it is listened to, and how it is measured.

GeoBroadcast Solutions designs and develops technologies that enhance FM broadcast radio coverage using Single Frequency Networks (SFN), cellular and broadcast topologies, and Geo-Targeting of audio and data. 

 Source: Nielsen US Music 360 Report (2017)

Source: Nielsen US Music 360 Report (2017)



GeoBroadcast Solutions' charter is to innovate and bring to market technologies that help radio broadcasters maximize their signal and grow revenues. MaxxCasting™️ expands the coverage area of a FM signal and allows geographic targeting and fencing of text advertising and messaging. ZoneCasting™️, in the FCC approval process, allows the additional Geo-Targeting and Geo-Fencing of audio and graphical advertisements. These emerging technologies give broadcasters tools to compete in the face of innovations internet and cellular message distribution.

Radio remains dynamic and relevant media consumed by over 93% of the country's population. Given the abundance of new media choices, radio's total population penetration is extraordinary. Yet while the core of the radio business remains stable, the historical revenue growth patterns have been below everyone's expectations. We are convinced that our technology will play an integral part in reversing the trend of stagnant revenue growth. We look forward to helping you implement our system into your selling network. We know this is going to help millions of local advertisers reach their customers while helping broadcasters serve their markets with increased service and profitability. It's exciting, and we're excited to share our tools! 


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